Can’t a Brother Get a Sandwich?!?

Sorry I haven’t posted this week.  Had bronchitis then on top of that this past weekend I caught the stomach virus that’s been going around.  I was one sick puppy.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the story of my friend Chris and our trip to the hospital today and how he was treated.

I read a story in Real Change‘s News while waiting in the ER about a 62 year old homeless man arrested for stealing a $7 sandwich at a grocery store.  The guy was hungry.  I cannot imagine having to feel a sense of starvation as you live on the streets surrounded by Safeway’s, McDonald’s, etc…knowing that no matter how much food they have none of it is for you.

St. Thomas Aquinas said:

“If there is an urgent and clear need, so urgent and clear that it is evident that an immediate response must be made on the basis of what is available . . . then a person may legitimately supply his need from the property of someone else, whether openly or secretly. Strictly speaking, such a case is not theft or robbery.”

What do you think?

I’ll close with my thought for the day:

“When we administer any necessities to the poor, we give them their own; we do not bestow our goods upon them. We do not fulfill the works of mercy; we discharge the debt of justice . . . what is given to us by a common God is only rightly used when those who have received it use it in common.”

-St. Gregory the Great


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