apparently I’m a woman

GenderAnalyzer, one of those new faddish sites on the internet, uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a webpage has been written by a man or woman.

Well…apparently, at the time of writing this, it’s 95% sure that my blog is being written by a woman, and you know what?  I couldn’t be more pleased.

You see I grew up in a very male dominated culture.  Fortunately my mother and grandmother who both raised me were very strong women.  Yet, I still adopted a very low view of women.  Until I came to Washington I had never interacted one on one, outside of my family, with a woman who I felt was an equal.  I know thats horrible, but it’s true.

By God’s grace, I finally started re-examing every area of my life back in late 2004.  At that time, disgustingly enough, I probably had gone on dates with over a 100 women.  Then I met my now wife.  She blew my mind.  I felt she was not only equal but above me in many areas.   Also, my wife’s best friend Tiffany was a challenge to my mindset.  I respected them in the initial stages of our friendship more that I did most of my male friends.  I still do…

Then I came to Washington and WOW!!!  On every side, I was surrounded by women who were challenging me, encouraging me, forcing me to grow, and teaching me.  Their friendships have blessed me and they serve as mentors to me in all areas of my life.  When I married my wife it was hard for her to understand that I wanted 50/50 leadership and guidance, that we were equals under the eyes of God and would structure our marriage as such.  The thought was foreign to her…

Now I look back and ask myself, where they always there, the voices of strong women leaders?  Or had my patriarchal society so quelled their voices while at the same time teaching us as males to pay to no heed to their stories?  Perhaps both…

The only thing I know, as I sit at my computer with my IVP Women’s Bible Commentary in front of me, is that I praise God for opening my heart and soul to be taught and live life as equals, and co-labor alongside my sisters in Christ.  95% female?  Thank you God for whatever that means.


1 Response to “apparently I’m a woman”

  1. March 17, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    I got 51% male for Metrospirituality…but it said I am quite gender neutral in my writing style http://genderanalyzer.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.metrospirituality.org%2F. I take that as a complement as well. It’s interesting really, both of my wife’s sites got 50% and 54% woman as did Jeff Greer and it listed them as gender neutral as well. My pastor from Maryland, Bruce Hopler, got 78% woman while Eugene Cho got 80% male. How fascinating.

    I grew up in the opposite situation personally.

    I’ve had about a 50/50 split of male and female friends all of my life as well as several strong independent women role models. I’ve always been able to relate with women…sometimes better then men. Of course not many wanted to actually date me…I could count them on one hand 😉

    It wasn’t really until I entered “Church Culture” that I experienced any kind of suppression of the female voice, abilities, value, or leadership. Even at my most conservative, I never felt comfortable with the distinctions, separations, and exclusions that I saw within the modern church culture I explored. I credit this to the culture I grew up in, and spent my time before starting a faith journey.

    So yeah, I would say it was most likely the patriarchal society you found yourself in. I can only imagine…though not really…the pain and struggles that women in that society must experience. I’ve seen you change and grow in this area in the short time I’ve know you…one of the things I like best about you dude is that you always seem to be changing and growing.

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