thank God for opening my heart

For those that don’t know, I grew up a right-wing fundamentalist Baptist.  It was like growing up Southern Baptist but on crack.  You know the type…women are less than men, blacks don’t belong in white churches, you don’t date inter-racially, don’t drink, don’t smoke, homeless people are just lazy bums, only use the King James bible, and we are the only people that have all the right answers.

Today I found myself sitting have coffee with an older black male who is homeless and is a Muslim.  Today was his birthday.  I am proud to call Perry a friend.  We reflected today on love and marriage, a husband’s role and the influence that our stories play in our lives and how our lives are shaped by the legacy of others.  I feel privileged to know him.

As I set there I noticed that I had three messages.  One was from a woman in her early 50’s who identifies as a man.  The next was from a black male in his early 40’s who happens to be gay.  The next was from a white male, almost 30, who pastors a Christian church.

I looked and thought to myself, “wow, God has blessed me with some cool friends”.  I look at this group, along with Perry, and am amazed how much they have taught me.

Thank you God for opening my heart, for helping me to see beyond class, sex, religion, and orientation.  Thank you for helping me to love them.  Thank you for my friends.


1 Response to “thank God for opening my heart”

  1. February 13, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    I so appreciate that you’ve helped open my heart to people different than me.

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