Marking Lent with the Death of a Friend

My buddy, the poet, Aaron “Beau” Beaucage is dead.  Beau was an awesome guy and a good friend. He was a truly exceptional poet.

I visited with Beau every other day for 6 months.  He called often after I had ankle surgery.  He lived outside.  He was supposed to go on a fishing boat, but the fishing industry dried up.  Hundreds were out of work.  Beau ended up homeless.  He struggled greatly with depression due to his inability to support his two kids like he felt he should. His youngest was in Bali with her mother.  He loved them both and wanted only to get himself back on his feet so he could go and be with them.  He left from Seattle to California for work.  When he arrived to California, the promised job was no more.

Beau died in his sleep with over half his life left in front of him.  I guess he thought death was a better option than his current situation…

I wonder if we were willing to open up our home to him.  To care for him during his bouts of depression.  To provide some semblance of stability in his currently whirlwind life.  I wonder if we had opened up our home if he would have died…

This is a video of my buddy Beau doing his poem “Nothing is Meaningless”.  Please watch…


3 Responses to “Marking Lent with the Death of a Friend”

  1. March 15, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Hi Dustin.

    I am Marlin, one of the producers of Social Justice Television.

    I am trying to get background on Beau’s death. I am actually in the final production of a show to air this WED on Nickelville and of course featuring a lengthy interview with Beau. He really lays out his world view in the interview. He was so cool. I am truly bummed.

    Could you call me if you get this before 4pm today.


  2. March 20, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Dustin, this tribute and memorial to Beau is beautiful. His sudden and total absence was so painful. You’ve given part of him back to us in a warm and lasting presence, and a voice.

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