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Awesome Lyrics and an Awesome Conference

I try to rarely use the word “awesome” but this is some good stuff.  An awesome song that was highlighted from an awesome conference.  Everyone should check out the mp3 from the hip-hop symposium at Princeton featuring Talib Kweli, Rosa Clemente, Maxine Waters, Cornel West, et al…  Mos Def was arrested for performing this song at the MTV awards.


A story from the streets….

A piece I wrote and performed at the Nickelsville benefit concert at the Q Cafe, inspired by the real life stories of those I meet everyday.

Since when did not owning a house or not having a “job” make me not human?

You think I don’t notice you intentionally trying to avoid eye contact with me, but I see you…  I watch as your steps quicken, hurrying to get past.  I see the grimace on your face as the weight of the crowd forces you to brush against me….but I forgive you.   Because, you see, I know that look very well.  I’ve given it to others.

I wasn’t born homeless.  I used to live my life just like you.  Guilty of not caring for others half as well as I cared about myself.

When I lost everything I had no idea how to survive on the streets.  It was the same homeless man that I passed on the streets everyday and ignored, it was that man who found me.  It was that man who gave me his only blanket and taught me how to survive.  It was that man who embraced me as a brother as I cried there in the streets.

You see, I cried not because of my broken life, but I cried because the man who cared the most was not my former business partners or my neighbors but the one who cared was the homeless man whom I ignored and passed by everyday on the street just like you’re passing me by today.

My struggles, his struggles, and yours are all the same.  Pain is no respecter of class.  So as you walk by me, know that I forgive you…and know that if you fall down, if you lose everything, and everyone, you will not lose me.  I will be the one who will embrace you as a brother when you cry, and I will be the one to give you my blanket, and I pray one day you’ll do the same.


My theme song….


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