Reflections from the Death of Michael Jackson

Yes, Michael Jackson is dead. Everywhere I turned to today…twitter, facebook, tv, etc. They were all awash in talking about Michael’s death. I don’t really want to sound 100% jaded, but I really don’t care….and here’s why: over the past 10 days, 3 people died in the streets of Seattle and they will never be written about in any newspaper or broadcast on any television channel.

You see, I wish people cared a fraction as much about my friends who have died in the streets in the past 3 weeks as they cared about Michael Jackson. Their lives were just as important to their friends as Michael’s was to his friends. Yeah, yeah, Michael is the king of pop and “should be immortalized forever”, but why, just because my friends were sleeping outside does that mean that they should be forgotten forever? Why shouldn’t they be immortalized too?


1 Response to “Reflections from the Death of Michael Jackson”

  1. June 26, 2009 at 11:13 am

    I feel this way when our clients die. . . it seems like other deaths are such events, so celebrated and mourned. Many homeless people are almost forgotten, in the end. In Cincinnati, there is an annual memorial service for homeless people who pass away during the year, but the comparison definitely smacks you in the face, especially yesterday. Not that we don’t love MJ, as you say 🙂

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