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I need some help…

I have a friend, named Y, who lives on the streets. There is no reason that Y should be living outside, unfortunately she does. I hope this blog will change that. Y has been here 6 months. She has been mostly living in the motels on Aurora or occasionally in a local tent city for the past 6 months.

She is a wonderful, intelligent, woman with a great personality that fills a room with smiles and laughter. She is 39 years old and works part-time at her new job she get this month as an on-call NAC in a nursing home and takes home a little over $1000 a month. She is currently looking for a full-time job or another part-time job that will allow her to get off the streets, but unfortunately her surroundings are serving as an anchor to her. The strip of flop-house motels on Aurora are known as the track…its where one can buy anything from drugs to guns to people. The constant sounds of police sirens and the screams of violence are extremely frightening to this small town southern gal and provide quite a disquieting environment which constantly interrupts her rest keeping her on edge, unable to find the respite that she needs from the odd hours of her on-call job.

Y has two needs:

1. She is looking for a stable room or place to rent with a kitchenette for up to $650 with all utilities included that will be willing to overlook her poor credit score and allow her small pet dog of 6 years to live with her. Y is totally drug-free and has no criminal record and has never been evicted.

2. She is looking for legal immigration help. Y is married to a man from Cameroon. He came here many years ago hoping for political asylum from the current government due to his work as a leader in the opposition party. He and Y spent everything they had on legal fees and lawyers, but after the money ran out they were unable to find anyone who would represent them pro-bono. Unable to find legal aid in their small town, he ended up deported in 2007. She needs someone who will take up her husbands case. She misses him dearly and talks to him daily…

Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated.


A Day in the Life…

After a conversation with someone where I moped around about lack of funding and being frustrated with God that things weren’t happening on my time frame…I was challenged by them to record everything that happened in a 24hr period and to reflect on some of the truly awesome stuff that happens daily that I take for granted. They assured me that God was doing some awesome stuff up here in Seattle with One4One and that I often take it for granted or don’t even notice it because its just another day. So randomly I wrote down the events that occurred for me during an average day with One4One.

This was my Tuesday:

1. Bought a plane ticket so someone from the streets can start a new job and move into their new apartment.
2. Paid for transport to reunite someone from the streets with their family.
3. Sat around outside and talked with, listened to, prayed with, counseled, and gave and was given hugs and kisses with drug addicts and drug dealers in the streets of Seattle.
4. Worked on providing someone ID and a social security card to a kid outside who only has his birth certificate and no other pieces of identity.
5. Worked on formulating a plan to get a pregnant woman off the streets and connect her with medical services.
6. Provided blankets to those who are stuck sleeping outside in the rain in weather in the low 40’s without adequate protection from the elements.
7. Connected someone with a case manager.
8. Began helping a kid from the streets figure out how to enroll in college.
9. Listened to friends on the streets who just need someone to talk to and pray with.
10. I met with a group of local pastors where we got to share about our friends outside.
11. I worked on preparing lessons for our 2 church services that we provide at the requests for our friends outside.
12. A good friend in the streets told me that they were on their way to stab someone for money and would have killed them if they hadn’t ran into me.
13. I arranged to move some friends inside to their new apartment.

…I feel blessed to be able share in the lives of some really awesome people.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”
-Mother Teresa


Nickelsville needs immediate help from within the faith community

As of this coming Wednesday, the encampment known as “Nickelsville” will once again be homeless. At this time they have no place to go. Nickelsville is asking for help from the religious community. The hope is that a church will offer Nickelville sanctuary on a piece of land or a parking lot anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

If no church can be found, there is no guarantee what will become of the encampment. As I am sure you all are well aware of, there is an abundance of people who sleep outside every night in Seattle. Unfortunately that number will be going up next Wednesday if we as Christians do not step up to the plate. As you all know, this is the time of year where the weather begins to become cold and wet….please help guarantee my friends a place to stay warm, dry, and safe.

I cannot begin to think of the lives we’ve seen changed at Nickelsville…families restored, people getting jobs, people getting housing, people experiencing what its like to have a “home” for the 1st time in their lives…the list could go on and on…

Please, if anyone wants more information, feel free to contact me @318-349-6535 or call Scott Morrow, the staff person for Nickelsville @ 206-450-9136.

Even if you are unable to offer shelter, please pass this information along to anyone who possibly can, and feel free to post this info to as many social media outlets as you have access.

Thanks for the time,

Dustin Cross



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