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an old post of my wife’s…get’s me in the Xmas Spirit

This is america

That land that blinds you

The land that lies to you

The country of the brave cooperate industries that make millions of dollars off the presumption that you will not think for yourself

that you will not investigate

that you will not care

that you will not see the beautiful reality of a Savior in your very midst

the american economy that feeds off the millions of “free” americans that stand long lines mindlessly swiping little plastic cards digging their own graves with a smile plastered on their faces

I say no to capitalism. The mindless greedy money hungry obsession of private ownership

I say yes to sharing, community, equality, collective ownership and responsibility. True biblical stewardship.

When will this country stand up and shake of the shackles of lower class, middle class, higher class

The land of money that divides, destroys and leaves its family on the street corners starving, freezing, alone.

As millions of americans allow the commercializing of hallmark to suck their provisions into neatly wrapped gifts under a dying tree. Thousands more sleep under overpasses, with no medical help, no roof, no hope of ever getting a job. Bankrupt, credit destroyed, family abandoned.

As church services suck money for new pianos, better carpet, hundred thousand dollar salaries for pastors. Do you question the sneers on the faces of the poor when you say you are a Christian?

Who is your Savior? Why should he care? His church left me here, where you see me, in my own filth.

I stand under the love of God and say stop. Stop now. Before your children grow up with same ideologies of your parents. Stop now. And make this county free, make our churches free, free our minds. Free our hands to loosen the hymnals of the past –to holding the broken hands of those in desperate need.

We are in a holocaust for souls. infant mortality rising, health care costs rising. america is not the country I read about in my fifth grade history text books.

I was lied to.

But I will not surrender the Jesus I read about in my bible. He is the truth and the salvation of a people, a world, a universe.

and He is here, among us, in our very midst



oh yeah, just in case you didn’t know.  my wife is a f’n ROCKSTAR!!!!


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