just another night

for those that don’t know…One4One goes out to downtown a few nights a week from 9pm til 3am.  i was writing this email to a team member to give them an update on last night so they’d be updated the next time we went out.  i thought you, the reader, might fit it interesting as well.

last night was awesome.  the first person we met under I5 went around with us person by person and introduced us to everyone.  there was lots of sitting and talking and hugs and handshakes.  one guy who seemed to be relatively new to sleeping outside and had what seemed to be mild retardation kept asking if we were angels and couldn’t believe that we were there sitting and talking to him and would bring all the stuff we brought.  he said he was praying for socks, food, and a bible.  his eyes watered as he asked if we would sign the presentation page of his bible.  i am still chewing as to why, but it is highly important to our friends outside, whether they be from Nickelsville or the streets, that we sing our names in their bible and the date.  maybe it’s handwritten proof that there’s people out there who see them as people and care about them.

scott (the first person we met friday night) was really really excited that we would stop back by again.  even though we assured him we would, it made his day.  he had told mike (the guy that was gone when we were there before) all about us and Mike was psyched to meet us and surprised that what Scott said was true…that we “really would sit down with us and talk with us like people”.

it was a good night…we laughed, we cried; but most importantly we saw people as people…as equals. and in that moment we loved them as best as we could.

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