Please Help Us Help Them!


One of our friends, Kim Ahern, called the City of Seattle to deal with the constant bedbug problem plaguing her and her family (Jack, age 9 & Tom, age 19) after her landlord continually refused to address the issue.  The City came out and instead of dealing with the bed bugs, the City declared her residence an illegal unit since the landlord had no permission for the residence to be a multifamily home. Kim and her two children were homeless once again.

Since then, Kim has been living with her two sons in a flop-house motel and working odd jobs to scrape by.  Now, Kim wants to return back to California (where her family is) so she can have help with childcare and pursue full-time employment, and stable housing and education for her son Jack.  She has the money for the moving truck and money for rent, but needs money for gas and $599 for the deposit on an apartment.

Can you help us raise money for deposit, gas, and food?

Let me say this…We first met Kim and Jack at Nickelsville and they are awesome! Kim’s a good mom and Jack is a bundle of joy who brings a smile to everyone who interacts with him.

Here is Kim’s story in video and print as profiled by the Seattle Times.

At this link, you will find more of her story and their life in photo as depicted by the Times.

Please help us help them!  We’re already struggling financially this year and simply can’t afford to help them out, but maybe YOU can!

Donate at www.joinone4one.org or send us a check and designate Kim in the memo to:

14800 1st Ave NE
Shoreline, WA 98155


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