141logo2When co-founders Dustin Cross & Jeff Greer began spending time hanging out at Nickelsville, and on the streets of Seattle with those who were non-housed, they began to see a great need to go above and beyond just ‘serving the poor’. They recognized the important significance of becoming friends with those who live outside. From building relationships, they have realized that those who are without houses are just like every one of us; they have amazing stories to tell, gifts to share, and love to give. Every individual has great value to bring to relationships & communities, regardless of where that individual may live or what their socio-economic status may be. It is because of the great need for more reciprocal relationships and integrated communities with both housed and non-housed alike, that one 4 one was born.

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1 Response to “ONE4ONE”

  1. March 16, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    I would love to come to your ministry one of these days.
    as a christian and intentional homeless,I am doing my share to vocalize my opinion to City Hall,other organizations for homeless.
    although my website is not professionally written(since I am most tired during day time,due to poor sleep at shelter),now I am getting a pro bono’s help to turn into Professional website wherein I belive I have enlisted what we can do , to actually offer sustainable care/help to the chronic homeless.. I believe I can carry on my own committment, as a founder of homeless Union. Young Noh 206-666-6958

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