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Of Homelessness and Human Trafficking

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month begins January 1st as officially proclaimed by the President. You’ve probably even got an “Event” invite on Facebook about it. What bothers me is that the President never mentions homelessness.  Of course, why should he when most human trafficking organizations and nonprofits mostly focus on the victims of global sex trafficking, mainly featuring the stories of foreign children.

While that is a real definite need, there’s not a day/night that goes by when I’m out on the streets that I don’t run into someone homeless who is/has been a victim of trafficking.  For them, it’s a constant fear and a reality that looms around every corner.  Yet it’s looked over again and again. I wonder why that is?  Is it easier to focus on the victims whose pictures we see on the internet than it is to focus on the needs of those homeless outside we pass by everyday? We constantly want people to see and hear the stories of the survivors of human trafficking yet we fail to see and hear our neighbors who live on the streets of our city.

The President fails to realize that human slavery is a systemic issue, much like chronic homelessness.  Of course the US government has pledged to end by 2015 and end all other forms of homelessness by 2020.  What a joke.

No wonder he doesn’t talk about poverty and homelessness, after all the government is just gonna solve it all in a few years.
It must make everyone feel better.  This way no one has to worry about it or do anything or see anyone.  After all it’s just stories and statistics.

By the way, you can take my word on it, after all I’m an advocate now, I’ve posted a blog and made a tweet.  That means I really care.  I even bought a t-shirt once.